Embassy Law Web Log   
Washington, DC, USA      

Clemens Kochinke, Editor and Author of Embassy Law

Clemens Kochinke has operated the Embassy Law service since 2003 for educational and note-keeping purposes.

He is also an attorney in Washington, DC, with the law firm of Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP where he is the managing partner. Since 1941, the law firm is experienced in advising embassies, consulates and international organizations. Issues handled include:

Pre- and post-judgment sovereign immunity litigation
Treaty negotiations, background papers, consent and advice procedures
International cooperation
Country investigations for trade and other practices
Employment contracts in the host nation for local hires
Construction and permitting for mission facilities
State and trade secret protection
Contract immunity and limited immunity waivers
Facilities management issues
Intellectual property issues, art and cultural exchanges
Tax treaty benefits
Sovereign immunity claims in civil and criminal matters
Embassy defense in litigation
Head of State immunity
You may direct suggestions for, or questions about, the Embassy Law service to Mr. Kochinke.