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Diplomatic Action After Habeas Corpus

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the Bush government to take quick diplomatic action to effect the release of five Bosnia-Algerians from custody at Guantanamo Bay:

Ordered that Respondents are directed to take all necessary and appropriate diplomatic steps to facilitate the release of Petitions Lakhdar Boumediene, Mohamed Nechla, Hadj Boudella, Mustafa Air Idir, and Saber Lahmar forthwith. Lakhar Boumediene et al. v. George W. Bush et al., docket number 04-1166, at 14 (November 20, 2008).
Are there countries that will award a lame-duck administration a diplomatic gift by accepting the detainees who may not have had any involvement with Afghanistan? -- Clemens Kochinke, Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP, Washington.